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Creation of Your A.L.T Quantum Evolution

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Tania Dilmani

Hi, I am Tania,

founder of the Tania Dilmani, A.L.T courses, certifications, CEO programs, events, mastermind, online tv, team and international best selling book.

A.L.T Quantum Coaching Certification

Elevate Your vibrational frequency.
Discover your personal self-sabotaging patterns and break through them.
Find your power and step into it, once and for all, to help yourself and the souls awaiting your support.
Uncover & clear any blocks preventing success from flowing through you.
Release worries, limiting beliefs, and obstacles that hold you back from being the best you.
Step into miracle manifestation frequency.

A.L.T Quantum Coaching Certification

The course includes:

The course will cover integrative healing modalities from:

Muscle Testing
Intuition Enhancement
Smart Goal Setting
Breathing Exercises
Customised certification options available upon completion.
Customised Meditations
Zodiac Personality Assessment
Bach Flower Education
Body Mapping
Quantum Life Coaching Certification

In the “ALT Soul Series System” we go into detail about how to keep the impact and influence flow turned on with techniques that will incorporate your physical and professional health.

Find the Gaps In Your Personal or Professional Health Stream?

With healthy cash flow, the key is finding the root cause of the dis-ease, of what’s keeping you from the potential you have for success. Once we can locate the underlying cause, then the success cycle will begin. The flow will be turned on and each experience, each moment will be brighter, more beautiful, and have more meaning.


“I just had my A.L.T Evolve Breakthrough with Tania and it was fantastic! Almost immediately she helped me zone in on an issue that has been holding me back, in both my personal and professional life. I kind of knew it was there, but Tania helped me see it very quickly and then I literally moved through it on the call (and it was effortless!). I’ve had this fear for YEARS, and it is simply not there anymore! I no longer feel scared about really putting myself out there or embracing my power. Instead, I feel ready to show the world who I am, have a greater impact, influence and make a lot more money in the process.”

Mary Knebel
Money Manifesting Mindset Mentor

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if you are really serious about learning and implementing this fast and jumping over the learning curve so you don’t go around in circles for months.

Fill out the application here: www.livingmybestinc.com to see if we are a match to work with me and get my help creating your personalized soul healing system.

I have private and group coaching to help you with my step-by-step Formula. Get some help! It’s the best thing I ever did for myself, my loved ones and my career !

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