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July 1, 2020by Tania Dilmani0

If you’re a conscious soul, in career transition right now, or simply seeking a deeper sense of connection, you may be feeling a bit ungrounded and confused at this time of uncertainty. Allow me to please walk you on a little journey to feel a bit more grounded and at peace. Take a few deep breaths to calm and center yourself, close your eyes and imagine a really beautiful scenery, feel, what is something that you can do right now that feels good, that inspires you. Now imagine that you are doing that right now, feel it, inhale it, smell it, taste it. Believe it, affirm it, THIS IS REAL, YOU DESERVE THIS GOOD, THINGS ARE WORKING OUT FOR YOU.

In 2008, I lost my teaching job, I couldn’t find work anywhere. Since the birth of my first two in 1999, and 2000, I always wanted another child, therefore I decided that I would utilize that time of being unemployed to write a book and have another baby. A few months later, my book Finding Inner happiness was published and in Jan 2009, our little princess was born and her siblings age 9 and 10 were ecstatic.

It was a beautiful, sacred time, however, not having a job made it financially very difficult to enjoy my children and providing for the lifestyle that we wanted to have.

After a year of homeschooling my older children, and being a full time stay at home mom, I decided to see if I could start a business with my certifications that I had accumulated the past decade. Certification in homeopathy, bach flowers, life coaching and energy healing. One thing they didn’t teach in all the trainings I had was how to get clients to say YES, and how to make money while raising my children.

After spending a few years dedicated, determined, devoted, and hiring the best mentors to teach me how to get to business success, I started getting clients, making money and feeling the overflow finally in 2014.

Much has happened since 2014, and one thing I appreciate the most is the consistency, the clarity, the confidence and the cash flow that I was able to continue to create with my children by my side, when I was traveling, moving, going through transitions, having lots of fun, even the past few months as I had to run a 100% online business and make the shift simply and successfully!!!

So if you can relate to any of this, and want to know what is the next simple step you can take to your success.

Let me put out a simple recipe that I wish I had back in the day that would have saved me much time and money.

Step 1

DECIDE Do you have a desire to help others with their life, health, money or relationships, if yes… great, take a coaching, and, or healing training.

2. ALLOW yourself to feel the reality of where you are suffering, where you are miserable, and once again decide what is NOT NEGOTIABLE FOR YOU ANY LONGER.

3. RECEIVE ALL the blessings in store for you. Many times we are in a frequency to reject the good that wants to be in our life. Decide that you deserve good things, that you are worthy and willing to receive.

Once you master the Decide, Allow, and Receive formula, you will be able to be in an abundance magnetic miraculous frequency and people will be attracted to utilize your gifts and you will naturally be a vessel to allow more blessing in from the universe.

Yes trainings are important, yes mastering your skills are critical, yet being able to apply this formula with ease and confidence is what got me to go from unemployed to author, to making 1 a k a month then 10 a month working from my back yard, my backyard pool, surrounded by hummingbirds and palm trees, the gym and driving across the coast of California, then recently doubled that income stream during the pandemic.

If you are reading this and you are a NOW and INTUITIVE kind of person like me, where you take action right when feel something, or someone is the right fit.

I can’t believe the level of success I have created for myself professionally and personally since I learned my unique path to being the best CEO.

The best part was that it was easy, it was simple and I was able to put my step by step plan and have others duplicate it as well or even better.

In 2015, I launched my first Mommy H. Online Academy training
in 2016, I certified my first series of students in Mommy Homeopathy 150 certification
in 2017, I launched my business vip days and retreats
In 2020, I wrote and now launching my first Accelerated Holistic Coaching Certification Training. This will allow my upcoming students to have all my knowledge and information, organized, simplified and duplicable. Some of the graduates will be hired to work for me as coaches for expanding company.

It is truly a feeling of fulfillment that is so deep that I no longer wish to keep a secret and I look forward to sharing my years of information, transformation and deep calling to bring this UNIQUE QUANTUM formulated and simplified so you can easily apply and help others.

Much Love,

Tania Dilmani

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