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I am excited to share the opportunity and possibility that awaits you
  • Have you experienced the chaos of traditional medicine?
  • Do you feel disempowered by your traditional doctor?
  • Do you want to shift from a one size fits all doctor’s diagnosis to your own empowerment?
  • Are you exhausted by unending and conflicting online research?
  • Are you now in the frightening posItion of “guessing” how to treat your health?
  • Is your head spinning with information overload?
  • Are you feeling lonely, crazy, and somehow…disrespected by doctors?
  • Do you feel peer pressure on how to best take care of your families health?
  • Learn how in my Upcoming 6 Month Elevate Course


Where are you now? ​

Where do you long to be in your personal or professional life?

Have you always dreamed of having a thriving conscious career, helping others live a healthier and happier lifestyle, or simply being the health practitioner for yourself and loved ones?

Our priority is to make helping yourself and others a reality for you no matter where you live.

All our courses and programs are available virtually.

Course certification training options:

Elevate A.L.T Quantum Healing Professional Practitioner
Elevate A.L.T Integrative Homeopathic Professional Practitioner

In preparation for our 2020 / 2021 training, we will be choosing up to 2 individuals per state to become A.L.T practitioners. There is a great demand today with increased stress, anxieties, diseases, toxins, vaccinations and medications for professionals like you, equipped with the skills to provide the healing and transformation that people are desperately looking for.

As an A.L.T Practitioner of your choice we give you the holistic business launch plan system to immediately begin making an additional $500 a month FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, increasing your opportunities for impact and income expansion.

Looking forward to being a part of your journey and making your dreams become a reality NOW.

ELEVATE Benefits

Your health should not be placed in a one-size fits all box.

Have you experienced the chaos of traditional medicine?

Are you exhausted from unending and conflicting online research?

Are you now in the frightening position of “guessing” how to treat yourself?

Is your head spinning with information overload?

Are you feeling stuck, stagnant, low energy, weak, low libido?

Did you believe a perfect solution exists for you?

Upgrade Your Life!

Embrace Total Health Transformation!

Learn to apply whole-body approach to wellness to assist the body in regaining its optimal state of immunity.

A strong immunity is your best defense for resisting disease, fighting viruses, and maintaining a long and healthy life.

  • Health
  • Nourish your body mind and soul!
  • Vitality
  • Anti-Aging
  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • EMOTIONAL equilibrium
  • DISEASE prevention
  • Inner child healing
  • Detox the body
  • Raising healthy families

Professional Accelerated Lifestyle
Transformational integrative holistic training. ​
6 Month Group Certification Program

Additional Upgrade Available

Integrative Homeopathy Pro Practitioner Course Additional 125 hours of training, internship practice and mentorship


* Homeopathy 911 Remedies for acute care Colds, fevers, coughs, rashes, pains, aches, gut health

* Nosodes 911 For Immune Boosting & Detox from medicine toxins & vaccinations ​

* Matridonial Remedies ( Allergies, ADD, depression, anxiety, cravings, addictions)

​* Advanced homeopathic monthly case taking, advanced internship and study groups

* 100 hour homeopathy home study

The 2020/2021 Modules

Module 1 Understand the A.L.T Healing Formula & the Vital life force

Module 2 ​Flower Essences for emotional and spiritual health and well being

Module 3 ​Cell Salts 911 (Homeopathic Vitamins and Minerals for healthy teeth, bones and cells)

Module 4 Natural Remedies for overall well being, stress management

Module 5 The Endocrine System, Nervous System, Emotional & Physical Equilibrium ​Holistic Nutrition Healthy Habits Hormone Health ​Anti Aging ​Organ Health Connection

Module 6 Power of Imagination & Visualization 101

Affirmations & Positive Psychology 101

Breathe work 101

​Emotional Freedom Technique 101

Time Line Therapy & A.L.T Meditation 101

Bonus Live Event

  • Intuition Enhancement and Energy Healing 101
  • Flowers Essence Magic & Rising above your zodiac sign
  • Muscle Testing – Applied kinesiology

Call 754-400-1076 to Apply

A.L.T Certified Practitioners create thriving practices and careers that help people live healthy, happy life choices for themselves and their families. Imagine yourself a few short months from now armed with the knowledge that you need to treat the health needs of your children and help so many other parents obtain optimal health for their kids too using the A.L.T framework. Its easy to get started!

After you enroll, we set up a one on one meeting to discuss your immediate and long term goals

We then create a customized strategy & package price for you to follow within the A.L.T Quantum Healing framework
We help you integrate the knowledge, plus case taking, mentorship & internship so that you get the results you want for you and your family

Tania Dilmani
C Hom, CLC, CD

Contact Tania Dilmani Now!

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